Last time, I spoke with Nitha Suresh. She’s written IEEE papers and knows her stuff when it comes to pentesting and aircraft data networks.

This time, I had the pleasure of interviewing Victoria Walberg. She has a lot of ideas when it comes to IoT and the cloud.

Kimberly Crawley: Please tell me about what you do, Victoria.

Victoria Walberg: I’m a freelance security consultant. I tend to do interim roles, such as where a company is going through a permanent hiring process or they need someone to work on specific projects.  The roles tend to be with enterprise clients and cover matters like information security manager, security consultancy, security architecture, or technical project management.

KC: How did you get into cybersecurity?

VW: I originally started out in network engineer and sysadmin roles over 17 years ago. Those roles encompassed security, so I was configuring, managing and designing policies for firewalls, RBACs, AV, and backups.

There weren’t so many dedicated security roles back then, especially in smaller organizations. One of the things that really set me off was when I moved from an 80-person company to an organization with about 1,000 users. How did you know the person phoning through a password reset request was really the person they said they were?

KC: Were you interested in computing as a little girl?

VW: Yes, I was!

KC: Do you remember your earliest experiences with computers?

VW: Aside from what I’d seen on TV shows, such as Tomorrow’s World, which had me fascinated in all things tech, the primary school I went to got an RM Nimbus at some point. My cousins also gave us a computer that had belonged to my dad (a VIC 20) when I was about (Read more...)