Last time, I had fun speaking with Beth Cornils. She has a pretty cool job that involves testing IoT cars.

This time, I spoke with Claudia Johnson. A cyber attack got her into the industry, and now she helps answer people’s questions about cybersecurity.

Kim Crawley: Please tell me about what you do.

Claudia Johnson: In my current, as well as, previous role, I am a so-called Sales Engineer overlay.

KC: What does your work entail?

CJ: Helping the account teams with security and cloud-specific topics they, the customer, or prospect may have – that includes some techy stuff, as well as data privacy.

I am also a security and cloud evangelist, or someone who is active in social media and conferences to make the market more aware of the brand and products of the company I am working for. I am now working at Oracle; I just started last week.

KC: Good for you! How did you get into cybersecurity in the first place?

CJ: Good question! I actually got hacked about 10 years ago. I was already in IT at the time, so I spent some time figuring out how to get unhacked, which is not easy given all my computers at work and at home, including the rest of the family, had been compromised. After having figured it out, I was hooked! It’s a totally fascinating topic.

I actually had to turn my computer in at work because it was so compromised. At the time, I was angry and very determined. Now, I am thankful it happened.

KC: So, you got into it the Brian Krebs way.

CJ: Yes, I read about Brian Krebs’ story much later! Of course, his story is more spectacular because he was hacked (Read more...)