What is G Suite?

What is G Suite

What is G Suite? G Suite is a suite of productivity solutions developed by Google that offers a wide array of web-based applications and services designed to help organizations communicate, collaborate, and store data.

G Suite is one of the most popular cloud based suite of applications currently available and most professionals and consumers alike are already very familiar with many of its core offerings like Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Sheets to name a few. Most of these core services are free for consumers. However, G Suite does offer enterprise grade solutions to suit just about every business need.  

G Suite has gone through a number of interesting transformations over the years, but in order to understand where G Suite is going it is important to first understand its origins.

From Google Apps for Work to G Suite

What is G Suite

Google initially launched their core cloud computing platform in 2006 under the name Google Apps for Your Domain. This was around the same time when web applications and cloud services really started gaining momentum in the enterprise.

Google Apps originally offered cloud-based alternatives to Microsoft legacy solutions that were popular prior to its release. As a result, many organizations leveraging Google Apps no longer had to invest and implement comparable solutions on-prem.

Google’s original core services included familiar apps like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Groups, and Chat. Over the years Google has added a huge list of additional services and enhancements to their core offering to compete with legacy and cloud solutions from their competitors, primarily Microsoft Office 365. Yet, what started as cloud based alternatives for on-prem apps has become a full fledged suite of applications to suit a variety of needs.

In 2016, Google announced Google Apps for Work would be rebranded as G Suite. G Suite currently offers over fifty web-based applications and services, and is part of a much larger Google Cloud Platform offering powerful services for organizations like Google Compute Engine, and big data. Each offers a cloud alternative for the legacy solutions of old.

What is G Suite Today

What is G Suite Today, or more like what it isnt'

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