Webinar: Identity Management the DevOps Way

Webinar Identity Management the DevOps Way

With servers, applications, storage, and more making the move to the cloud, many organizations are following suit. Sysadmins all over are starting to move their infrastructure into the cloud, and as a result they are moving into the DevOps world. The main focus of all of this is automating as much as possible, whether it’s your integration, scaling, or virtualization. However, the need to maintain all of the manual processes and growth often tends to pull admins away from this new DevOps process. This can be onboarding, offboarding, changing permissions, and more, and each one of them can easily take an entire morning to take care of for each employee. Clearly not the most efficient process.

DevOps Identity Management Made Easy

So, is it possible for you get that lost time spent on manual tasks back? Well, with JumpCloud, it is. Through our innovative cloud-based directory, all of those tasks that pulled you away from DevOps get way easier. Onboarding and offboarding can be done in a snap. There’s no longer a need for manual management. With a unified cloud directory like Directory-as-a-Service, you can centralize all of your employees identities and control their access to all of the IT resources that they need. But don’t take our word for it. We recently put together a webinar with DevOps.com, where Tamr’s lead DevOps engineer Nick Laferriere talks about how he was able to automate identity management across their IT resources and 100s of virtual servers.

Webinar: Identity Management the DevOps Way

This webinar was created so you could hear from someone experiencing the process themselves how the pain points can be managed. By watching this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Streamline onboarding and offboarding for users
  • Automate server management through LDAP
  • Implement a cloud RADIUS server for network security
  • Unify credentials for DevOps personnel through Github, Chef, Puppet, AWS, and more

Watch the webinar Identity Management the DevOps Way above!

Cloud IAM and DevOps

If you would like to learn more about how Directory-as-a-Service helped Nick Laferriere automate his identity management, check out the case study on (Read more...)

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