What do Robert M. Lee, Eric Byres, Sean McBride, Dr. Oliver Kleineberg, and Sid Snitkin all have in common?

If any of these names do not ring a bell, they’re each industrial cybersecurity experts in different realms. Along with Tripwire customers and other industry leaders, they will be sharing fast-paced perspectives and challenging you to think differently about a range of topics relevant to industrial environments and critical infrastructure.

As an example, what is the 20 percent you could do to secure your ICS and SCADA environments that would give you an 80 percent gain against the cyber risks you’re most concerned about? What if ICS and plant cybersecurity could support requirements for availability/uptime, resilience when things go wrong, reduced cyber risk, and increased response efficiency?

ICS Webcast

Please join me as I host the line-up of speakers and topics below in short 15-minute topics covering the agenda below.

Future Challenges and Changes in Industrial Cybersecurity

Sid Snitkin – Vice President, Cybersecurity Services, ARC Advisory Group

ARC Research has its hand on the pulse of what’s going on with industrial and critical infrastructure organizations and their need for increased ICS and SCADA security. Real world industrial environments have specialized needs, and they span from Operations Technology (OT) to IT security requirements. Sid will share expanded challenges and gaps that exist with recommendations for whether you work in the corporate or plant side of your organization

Point-Counterpoint between IT Security and Control Systems Engineering

Robert Landavazo – Former PNM Systems Engineer, now ICS Sales Engineer at Tripwire
Jonathan Skeele – Former Intel Senior Business Development Manager, now ICS Senior Business Development Manager at Tripwire

Robert and Jonathan will spar over differing views and methods in a point-counterpoint between IT security and operations/plant engineering (often described as “Operations Technology”). Both gentlemen are knowledgeable and (Read more...)