Foundational controls help IT organisations focus on setting basic and effective security priorities. According to the Center for Internet Security (CIS), applying just their first five critical controls can reduce your risk of cyberattack by nearly 85%.

So, when it comes to foundational controls, how does your organisation compare? Join Tripwire and other security experts for Tripwire University 2017: EMEA Edition, to learn specific steps you can take today to protect your business.

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Please join me as I host the line-up of speakers and topics below in short 15-30-minute topics covering the agenda below.

Tales of a Data Breach Survivor: Real World Tips, Tricks and Advice

Paul Edon – Director, Professional Services (International) at Tripwire

I will welcome you to this year’s Tripwire University EMEA edition with real-world examples of data breaches. In this session, learn about practical actions organisations can take to effectively recover from a security incident. Discover how to determine the extent of a compromise once a breach is detected and understand the steps necessary to contain the affected systems and reduce security risk.

Foundational Enterprise Cyber Security Assurance

Dr. Edward Amorso – Chief Executive Officer of TAG Cyber LLC

Dr. Amoroso, Chief Executive Officer of TAG Cyber, will discuss how it makes good sense to focus on underlying foundations when you’re doing your enterprise cyber security work. He provides a useful checklist which includes: integrity monitoring, vulnerability monitoring, configuration management, log management and situational visibility.

Five Breaches in Fifteen Minutes

Tim Erlin – VP of Product Management & Strategy at Tripwire

Join this fast-paced session as Tripwire’s Tim Erlin reviews the five biggest breaches of 2017, outlining the key facts, common root causes and overall impacts.  Tim will then provide insight into how adhering to the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls (Read more...)