The internet is a part of our everyday life, and it is time that certain industries come on board and integrate with our daily lives. The most important industry I see should fulfill this demand is healthcare.

Everywhere access to healthcare is becoming more important every day. With people working across the globe, the need for medical chart access is paramount.

Let’s take private contractors who support military in Iraq and Afghan for military efforts, for example. Granted, they have medical attention if they really need it. However, for the medical provider to obtain and review medical charts to provide adequate care for the person, it is going to be tough.

(It is not like the person can go around carrying around their own medical chart in their pocket. We also cannot just put them on a USB drive and send via SFPT.)

On the other hand, let’s take the point of view of people and/or families traveling around the world. Some might be refugees, dislocated families, and/or travelers. Their medical charts are needed when for their safety but also for others’ safety when entering a new country.

It is important for both types of end users in this example. The medical providers could potentially provide the wrong type of care, and the patient might have something of which they might need to inform medical providers.

So, this brings us to two question: what can be done about it, and how can it be done?

With all the local, state and federal laws, along with company and corporate policies in place, there is a lot of red tape that would make it sticky to move anything forward for anyone. There are so many items that need to happen prior to the exchange of this information, and respectfully so.

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