The Psychology of Machines

I understand the mindset of the machine. I used to be a huge fanbot of machines and my cosplay was second to none. This was back before I stumbled into socially self-destructive neurohacking where I learned how difficult it can be just being a human being. And although I’ve overcome my complete disdain for everything not machine, I’m still massively incapable of relating to people in oh so many other ways.

And so do you or else you wouldn’t be shaking your head now and thinking, yeah, humans suck. Or if you’re not then you’re curious as to why the rest of us do and which subreddit club you’re missing out on. Many especially if raccoons also scare you, but I digress…. Just allow this introduction to serve as my awkwardly anecdotal attempt at introducing you to the psychology of machines.

Don’t pretend for a moment that you don’t know machines can be superior to us flesh bags in so many ways. There’s just something about the whole immunity to raccoon bites thing that is plainly superior. Yet robots aren’t mounting the high horse and locking themselves in white towers like oh so many people do when implying their betterness. At least until the raccoons eat them. Which brings me to my point that from your self-appointed superiority you’ve ignored the psychological machine revolution happening all around you.

This is important because we’re putting machines in charge of more and more things in our lives, even our security. We even brag about how much better a product is because we’ve put a robot mind in charge of it. Yes, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the thing to have in any product these days. Seriously, when have you ever seen AI as a reason NOT to buy a solution in a (Read more...)

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