The need for speed – Your data unleashed!

I have a fun question for you: Which of these is the faster of the two cars? Take your time, think about it from different perspectives. I’ll wait… And let me give you a hint—it’s a trick question, so double-check your assumptions.

If you picked the T-Bucket hot rod on the left, you may be technically correct. However, if you believe the mid-1990s Toyota Previa minivan is faster, you might be—more practically-speaking—correct.

So let me explain with a quick story. About 15 years ago I was traveling on the German Autobahn somewhere rural outside Hamburg with my colleagues in the Previa. With no speed limit worries and needing to make good time, we took that minivan up to around 90-100 mph. Now, that said, it should be obvious the T-Bucket can exceed 110, 120, possibly 130 mph, given the amount of muscle you see up front. But let me ask you this—in which car would you feel safer?

For background, a 1994 Previa minivan has a 4-star crash test safety rating with airbags and seatbelts included for the driver. The T-Bucket? Well, it’s an open air, no seat belt, certainly no airbag, machine that is all power and with no concern for survivability in the event of an accident. So let me ask again—which do you feel safer in, say, doing 60 mph? Or 90 mph—the practical limit of the Previa?

This is all just an analogy for data security as an enabler for fast, agile, business. Let me explain…

We see more of our customers today wanting to leverage their customer data for meaningful insights on how to build better product loyalty or optimize business operations. They want to act more quickly, respond with more agility to market change, and move faster than the competition. You may see where I’m going here. Speed of business is not unlike getting where you need to go on the Autobahn to make your destination. But there is a risk of moving quickly without control.

How do businesses, much like cars, move with high performance at top speed, without the risk? When moving fast on the road, you feel more comfortable pushing the pedal down knowing that anti-lock brakes, seatbelts, airbags, laminated glass, rollbars, traction control, and so on will keep you relatively safe in the event of a crash or, better yet, avoid one. But what protects business data the same way? For our customers, Voltage SecureData data-centric encryption is that invisible airbag that travels with every bit of data at a field level. A data breach, much like a crash, may be inevitable—but with SecureData, sensitive information can operate the same way using format-preserving encryption (FPE) within applications, so that if breached, FPE doesn’t compromise the integrity of the original data. The data is unusable when it’s FPE-protected.

It works like this: sensitive data is encrypted using FPE at the source when data is created. No matter which information highway it travels down, the protection remains persistent. Even if it goes from the source application to a new application, the data looks the same, no changes required to the app. FPE allows businesses to expose data to more risks—such as new applications and users—without worrying about exposing the original clear text. And when needed, when the environment is known to be safe, the FPE-protected data could be restored to its original state. But in most cases, applications such as data analytics can operate on the “proxy” (FPE-protected) data surrogates. Now, businesses can simply run their most sensitive data in a protected state perpetually and open up far more potential business value! Wouldn’t it be great to move at the speed of business faster than the competition at lower risk?

So, much like a fast-moving car, businesses want high performance from their data. We’ve evolved car safety to a level now where cars can move faster than ever, but with less risk of injury. With data breaches becoming ever-increasing in the news, do you have “airbags” on your data? If not, it’s time to determine how Voltage SecureData can unleash your data’s full potential without unnecessary risk exposure.

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