The Need for Speed: Keeping Up with Cloud Application Security Demands

In today’s IT environment, the pressure is on application developers to get software to market as fast as possible. Security is often an afterthought, if it is thought of at all.

Unfortunately, security has not kept up with the pace of that change. Legacy security tools were not designed for software that is developed so quickly.

When you develop software rapidly, you need to find security issues quickly, fix them quickly, and repeat the process continually. The key to providing security in applications that are changing rapidly is by continuously improving the software.

At this rapid pace of software development, you need to be able to prioritize security issues and fix the most critical ones first.

This is where ShiftLeft can help. We are able to find security issues quickly from code and runtime analysis. We provide precise and accurate information, which means you can fix security issues quickly and continuously improve your software. That is how you keep one step ahead of hackers.

ShiftLeft also enables security for DevOps through automation — the missing link to enable security in cloud environments.

At ShiftLeft, we believe that security does not mean loss of agility or speed. In a cloud environment, it means exactly the opposite.

As applications change quickly, open source adoption is increasing apace. In fact, open source comprises a majority of the code in a modern application, and the application layer is the primary target for hackers.

The cost to fix security issues increases exponentially as you go further along the application development pipeline. According to stats from IBM, it costs 100 times more to remediate a software vulnerability in the maintenance phase than in the analysis phase.

At ShiftLeft, we use what we learn from understanding application code to inform security operations (SecOps) about vulnerabilities that are being exploited at runtime. We can tell them which security issues have a higher risk and need to be fixed immediately.

With serverless computing, you will assemble even more of your code rather than creating it from scratch. No two applications are going to have the same code base. This will only compound the security challenges. Speed and specificity are crucial to application security.

The beauty of the ShiftLeft platform is that it catches security issues during build time and protects automatically against anything that falls through the cracks during runtime.

ShiftLeft’s two-tiered strategy unifies build-time and runtime security. Our innovative technology extracts security-related aspects of the application each time it changes and generates its Security DNA, which is used to inform and drive runtime protection.

ShiftLeft protects sensitive data by preventing a developer from writing sensitive data to a third-party application programming interface.

The ShiftLeft platform analyzes whether open source software is causing contextual vulnerabilities. The platform also reduces mean time to repair (MTTR) by identifying the specific line of code that caused the issue in runtime and eliminating costly debugging so the teams can focus on building great software.

The need for speed is the overriding priority for many application developers and enterprises. But ignoring the security risks or believing that security only slows down the process can be catastrophic for companies should a data breach occur. Including ShiftLeft in your CD pipeline lets you speed safely.

To get started with ShiftLeft, sign up at and try our Quickstart tutorial where you can use ShiftLeft to analyze a sample app.

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