Social Media: Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?

As someone who is old enough to have listened to music on 8 tracks (and I mean the objects, not the application), I have watched social media grow from its inception. Admittedly, early on I was not a fan. Back before I had established a presence in the LiveJournals of the world, a friend of mine asked my permission to create a social media presence for me without my participation. Using nothing but open source data he built profiles in all the majors social media systems.

As expected, people sought connection with this persona and the experiment stopped when people started conveying personal information without verifying it was even me. It had a picture of me and facts that had been harvested from several biographies posted from security conferences where I’d presented.

Today, there are entire web pages dedicated to things like Facebook cloning, which copies relevant publicly viewable information from a target and even automatically issues requests to all their publicly viewable friends.

With a few exceptions, I suspect most of us have at one time or another run into name collisions on the Internet — instances where you have been confused with another person who has the same name as you. Or maybe you did a web search to see who else was walking around with your name in their underwear. I know of one Steve Mancini in Maine who likes to shop at Home Depot; another has a memorial flag football game in his honor.

Security Steves

Somewhere around 2008, I ran into the most interesting collision when I started receiving correspondence about computer forensics training, teaching classes, and presenting. At the time, I was working with local law enforcement as a police reserve, where I managed their computer forensics department and performed forensic discovery, so I (Read more...)

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