Security: Choose Your Own Adventure

Plugging vulnerabilities is like trying to kill a mosquito on the inside of your windshield while driving. The mosquito is a clever beast that has survived millions of years by taking advantage of our weaknesses. Software vulnerabilities, much like mosquitoes, have survived millions of years <Editors note: please fact check before publishing> by also taking advantage of our weaknesses, mostly our inability to second guess what stupid thing a person might really want to do with the soft–

Apologies for the interruption. I was just asked by a co-worker if I really enjoy watching the Twilight movies so loudly or if I just have it on as a deterrent to keep people from talking to me. I said I couldn’t hear her and then kept typing this article. But now it made me think about cyber deterrents and how our focus of cyber hygiene has completely taken over the reality that this is a battle we fight 24/7 and not a war on tartar build-up. Every day somebody is trying to take your stuff off your systems and most of the time it’s not even a person, it’s a mindless bot trying to suck up whatever it can so that some human somewhere can sift through it for gold. But really, think about it. Imagine it:

You wake up to a noise at the door. There’s someone on the porch. They can’t get in. They try other doors and windows but no luck. You peek out the window and see that their car has foreign plates. Now what? You start to panic but they leave and go to your neighbor’s house. As you make your way back to your room you hear another set of footsteps on the porch. And then another. And another. Some are looking in windows, some (Read more...)

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