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Macs have infiltrated the enterprise – a domain that once was in the firm clutches of Microsoft Windows. Over the last several years, Mac enterprise management for both users and systems has become an incredibly important part of an IT organization’s task list.

Let’s take a look at how Mac has gained tremendous ground in the enterprise, and then examine some of the difficulties IT has faced with this change in IT resources.

The Ascension of Mac Enterprise Management

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Macs started their resurgence in the enterprise after Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. With the advent of the iPod and then the iPhone, Apple technology started to become interesting again. Their innovations on the Mac platform, sleek design, lightweight laptops, and easy-to-use operating system converted a number of business professionals. Add to that the tight integration between the iPhone and the Mac, and Windows was on the way out.

Today, 20% of devices within an organization are Windows (Forbes). So, it makes a great deal of sense that IT admins are searching for new ways to obtain Mac enterprise management over users and systems. Traditionally, IT management tools have been provided by Microsoft because the infrastructure was Microsoft. Windows was the dominant platform and applications were largely Windows based. Virtually the entire infrastructure was located on-prem, so Microsoft took advantage of these characteristics and developed IT management tools such as Active Directory® for user management and SCCM for systems management. Both tools would go on to become significant players in the IT management space with AD being a virtual monopoly for user management. The challenge for IT admins has been that Microsoft management tools work best with Windows, while macOS and Linux are an afterthought and not a focus. So, as more Macs appeared in the infrastructure, IT admins started searching for tools to help manage Mac users and systems.

The Necessity of User and System Management

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User and system management are crucial aspects in maintaining a secure environment. IT absolutely needs to have the ability to manage users. This isn’t just about onboarding and offboarding, but (Read more...)

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