ESP @ Work: Continuous Security for Continuous Development

“ESP makes it possible for me and my team to optimize our continuous development strategy securely. Both DevOps and SecOps teams are more agile and able to deliver software much faster.”- Principal DevOps Engineer at a gaming company

Security in a Rapidly Expanding Cloud Environment


The Security and DevOps teams worked closely with to define requirements for automated remediation and integrations, giving them confidence to expand deployment to the cloud.

Customer Profile

Multinational video game developer, product manufacturer and research and development company.


The promise of DevOps agility enabled by the cloud was the motivation behind the gaming company’s rapid migration to AWS. However as they made the shift from traditional development strategies to continuous deployment, they were encountering pains related to application and infrastructure security. Their migration to the cloud was being slowed down by the lack of visibility the security team had into their cloud infrastructure. It was critical that they had a tool that would enable a global view of security across all of their AWS accounts while providing flexibility and granularity that their individual teams require.


To address these challenges, they partnered with for continuous monitoring and alerting capabilities provided by the Evident Security Platform (ESP®). By consuming all of Amazon’s APIs, ESP is able to provide security for what the gaming company puts “in” the cloud. The solution automates the flow for alerts and remediation, removing the heavy lift of manual audits and the development and management of  their own scripts. At the same time, ESP provides comprehensive visibility of their AWS infrastructure to their information security team.


With the ESP’s agentless non-invasive approach, the gaming company’s information security team now has consolidated multi-account visibility of all vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that exist in their cloud infrastructure through a single pane of glass dashboard. ESP’s native integrations with the DevOps teams’ tools has enabled them to decrease the number of misconfigurations in their cloud without slowing down their continuous deployment processes.

The gaming company consider themselves to be “all-in” for AWS/Cloud and they have confidence in the Evident Security Platform (ESP) to enable automation and compliance efficiencies across their business. The success of ESP has opened the doors to their expansion and migration to AWS globally.

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To find out more about how our technology can empower you to solve this problem visit our website. ESP provides a single pane of glass view of all of your AWS accounts, regions and services in one easy to customize dashboard. It is an innovative solution that detects and uncovers vulnerabilities in your cloud environment and then alerts security teams of configuration changes and policy violation, and can then provide a path to remediation.

You can try ESP free for 14 days  and start securing your cloud infrastructure within minutes. You can use the tool on your own, just signup and get started — or we can help you along the way. It’s your choice.

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ESP @ Work provides insight into real customer implementations. These snapshots describe how Evident Security Platform (ESP) helps our customers maintain and benefit from continuous security and compliance in the cloud. All ESP @ Work posts are anonymous because we respect that our customers are not always able to publicly share their success.

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