Cloud Security This Week – November 10, 2017

Lace up your high-tops because basketball season has started. With the gear up for the NBA and college hoops season, we’re already helping organizations across the globe improve their cloud security game. Check out our new blog on employing a full court press to your security and compliance efforts, and join us for a webinar next week on AWS S3 bucket security.

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WEBINAR – AWS S3 Security: Your 1 Week Action Plan
Thursday | November 16, 2017 | 10:00 am PDT, 1:00 pm EDT
Join for this webinar about how to secure your AWS environment and prevent S3 breaches.

Full-Court Press: Playing Defense in the Enterprise Cloud
Coach Scotty McDonald said, “Don’t try to out-rebound your man. Keep him out of the rebounding area to begin with and the rest is simple.” Not a bad philosophy for cloud security too.

Avoid the Headlines with AWS S3 Bucket Fitness Reports
You’ve certainly seen all high profile stories of breaches and attacks where AWS S3 buckets factor prominently. Learn about a feature in ESP that provides reporting and automated detection of some common issues we find with the management of S3 buckets.

ESP @ Work: Re-Inventing Security in the Cloud in the Intelligence Community
A major agency within the United States’ intelligence community has achieved success by implementing the Evident Security Platform (ESP) to help them identify and monitor misconfigurations within their AWS infrastructure.

News and Perspectives on Cloud Security
Cloud Security Tools Reflect Disparate Vendor Perspectives
“The push for new cloud security tools and the different approaches indicate that these providers are innovating piece by piece, as they learn more about what attackers are doing to compromise workloads,” said Tim Prendergast, CEO and co-founder of

90% Of IT Pros Worry About Public Cloud Security
Visibility, compliance, and cloud expertise are among the biggest concerns.

Europol Boss Warns of 4000 Ransomware Attacks Per Day
“The real threat comes from a sort of exponential, remorseless increase in the scale and significance of cyber-criminal capability.”

World’s Largest Student Cybersecurity Games Kicks Off at NYU
The 14th annual NYU Cybersecurity Awareness Week (CSAW) games have commenced, drawing the top cybersecurity students from around the globe.

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