Building Something Great

When we started ShiftLeft, naturally we were focused on building a great product. But it wasn’t about just the technology — we also wanted to build a great company that would do good things, employ great people, and be around for a long time. We had a vision for our platform and for something bigger, a company built on a shared vision of the future of software security.

A key ally in achieving a startup’s dreams is its investor. And we are lucky to have two of the best in the industry: Enrique Salem and Ursheet Parikh.

Enrique Salem from Bain Capital, board member at ShiftLeft and former CEO of Symantec, is one of our earliest backers. We’d like to share with you a blog Enrique has written that elegantly describes the ShiftLeft platform and what it can do, as well as the company we are building. We can think of no better way to introduce you to ShiftLeft than by Enrique himself.

Baking Security in From the Start: Why I Invested in ShiftLeft

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