In recent years, there has been a huge movement from storing data the traditional way, as the cloud has grown and become the better answer and option for companies and organizations alike. However, this has also led to a growth in cyber criminals and data breaches now that someone can access sensitive documents from their living room couch.

As such, cloud data leaks have become an all too common problem for companies. More and more news has discussed ways to prevent breaches, and you can find a plethora of articles that talk about large and small companies alike being attacked.

For this reason, knowing how to prevent a cloud data leak is the first step in keeping your business and information safe. Here are a few of the best and simplest strategies to help you avoid cloud data leaks.

Encrypt Data

This should be a no-brainer. The benefit of encrypting data can be tenfold as hackers need a specific encryption key to actually read the data stored in your cloud. Whether your data is at rest or in motion, it should be encrypted all day, every day.

Although we started out with this one, encryption is more often the last defense you have against cyber criminals. At the end of the day, if they can still access your cloud data, with encryption there’s no way they can actually use it.

Change Passwords

You’ve heard it once, you’ll hear it again: be smarter about your passwords. Recent studies have shown that it’s not just a matter of creating a Jackson Pollock of letters and numbers. In fact, the hardest passwords to crack are phrases. Don’t risk your client’s contracts or credit card numbers, your Social Security Number, or your email just because you like to use your wedding anniversary as every (Read more...)