An Open Letter to Advertising Agencies on Application Security

This is an open letter I received from a copywriter at an ad agency in NY. I think it’s important because it shows that more and more “regular” people are aware of their infosec role and yet have to work under conditions where it’s obvious they are at risk. They recognize it because that risk impacts their job and their potential earnings. So of course it matters to them. This letter was written to advertising agencies but it could be to so many more.

Dear —

Of the 150+ advertising agencies in Manhattan alone, I am a copywriter in one of the biggest networks. Our office shares a server with six other agencies, some of which house competing brands.

I chose to write for pharmaceuticals because it’s more technical. Pharma writing is often more reliant on competitive strategy and data presentation, and so is more lucrative than traditional advertising. The copywriters who know how to glean an edge from clinical trials can write the most compelling copy to move their brands forward. More brand recognition, more money.

Because of this, the highest valued pharma copywriters are always hungry to take full advantage of whatever insights are available to them—from whatever sources they can find. Any sources. I don’t want to tell you how seriously I’ve considered wiretapping the agency across the street. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to get a cut of all of that big pharma money!

So really, my job is just about staying competitive with the other marketers in my position. I have my collection of Google alerts to monitor the web for the names of my drugs and all the others in the same category. I often search competitors’ material, such as detail aids (brands’ main pieces) and any other competitive insights I (Read more...)

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