50 Qubits

IBM cryostat wired for a 50 qubit system.

IBM cryostat wired for a 50 qubit system.

An astounding image (some might call it a percolator of the multiverse), and announcement via IBM (NYSE: IBM) of the company’s newly minted 50 Qubit Processor. Today’s Must Read.

“The first IBM Q systems available online to clients will have a 20 qubit processor, featuring improvements in superconducting qubit design, connectivity and packaging. Coherence times (the amount of time available to perform quantum computations) lead the field with an average value of 90 microseconds, and allow high-fidelity quantum operations. IBM has also successfully built and measured an operational prototype 50 qubit processor with similar performance metrics. This new processor expands upon the 20 qubit architecture and will be made available in the next generation IBM Q systems.” – via


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