Last time, I had the opportunity to speak with Carrie Roberts. She’s a red team engineer at Walmart with lots of penetration testing experience.

This time, I had the pleasure of speaking with Glenda Snodgrass. She’s a founder and the president of The Net Effect, a cybersecurity services company that’s based in Alabama. They must be doing something right, because they’ve been in business for over twenty years so far.

Kim Crawley: Please tell me a bit about what you do.

Glenda Snodgrass: My work is primarily network security assessments and training, software implementations, and technology project management. I do a lot of public speaking on cybersecurity, as well as conducting regular Cyber Self Defense workshops. In addition to corporate security awareness training, I work with organizations to develop their employee training programs and their security policies and procedures. Information security is always a top priority in my work, even for projects that aren’t strictly security-focused like new software implementations or business expansion.

KC: Tell me a bit about the company you’re the president of: The Net Effect. Your company’s work sounds very interesting.

GS: Oh, it is interesting! I started the company in 1996 with my partner Geoff Peacock. Our first subcontractor, Mitch Adair, became a partner a few years later. We started out building firewalls for small- and medium-sized businesses using open source software on PC hardware because at that time the only commercial firewall software options on the market were too expensive for SMBEs.

Our business has grown over the years, and we’ve evolved into strictly consulting and project management. We’ve never limited our work to any particular vertical market, which makes our work even more interesting. I may visit a manufacturing facility, a wholesaler, a restaurant, a shoe store, and (Read more...)