WiFi Authentication with Google Identity-as-a-Service

WiFi authentication Google IDaaS

Many IT organizations are taking significant steps to lock down their networks. With a slew of breaches occurring every day, IT organizations are right to step-up their security efforts. One common area of concern with security is WiFi. As a result, many IT admins are searching for a solution to improve network security, and one of the most effective approaches is to move from a single shared SSID password to unique credentials for each user. Since some of the most common credentials in use at organizations are Google identities, it’s natural that IT is asking if Google Identity-as-a-Service can be used for WiFi authentication?

The Evolving Network

WiFi authentication

IT networks used to be far simpler a few years ago. They were mainly composed of Microsoft Windows®-based solutions and hosted on-prem. They were connected together with a wired LAN, and there was networking equipment to help everything function. There was a perimeter gateway where all network traffic flowed in and out. For the most part, security could be handled at the DMZ. Then, the only thing that was required was to ensure that only the right people were inside the office and able to physically access workstations.

Of course, those were far simpler days. Today’s IT environment is far different and more challenging for IT teams. With the advent of web applications and cloud infrastructure, many IT functions are handled in the cloud. Microsoft solutions such as Exchange, Windows File Server, and Office are being replaced by solutions like G Suite (formerly Google Apps) and Office 365. Users are leveraging a wide range of platforms including Mac and Linux systems. But even with all of this change, one of the most significant advancements in IT has been WiFi.

Securing a WiFi Network

WiFi networks enable end users to work from virtually anywhere within about 150 ft (46 m) – or even further if you’re using a Wi-Fi extender or an enterprise-grade router. There is little doubt that WiFi has increased productivity, collaboration, and agility for organizations. IT admins have embraced it due to significant decreases in cost and infrastructure requirements. Users (Read more...)

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