TPM 2.0: A Short History and How to Use

TCG members continue working to create devices and applications to use the TPM 2.0, which offers many benefits for security. The 2.0 approach gives developers and designers many options to use key attributes and to apply them for protecting keys and certificates, for authentication, for attestation and for ensuring device integrity and health. All of these are useful on their own or combined. TCG member AMI has put together a concise summary of the TPM 2.0 key features and how to use. We urge anyone interested in security for devices and the IoT, as well as for securing data and network gear, to review this document.

TCG also offers a number of other resources. For those focused on IoT, please see our resource page including guidance, architect’s guides and graphics,

The TPM spec and related documents are here for review and reference:

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