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Information is liquid and in order to escape the spin of ‘fake news’ and untruthful research, this needs to be a central understanding of information literacy and information systems design. 

All we can hope is to better map provenance and remove the naive notion of ground truth, while moving to a position of considering perspective in addition to context as a prime aspect of information. 

By Liquid I mean XXX but this does not mean that the world is simply a subject construct, quite to the contrary; the world is as it is, information is what we have to make ‘sense’ of it. 

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In Author I have combined Links and Citations into a single dialog and system, since these are both explicit Extensions the author wishes to make away from the ‘Intentions’ of the body text. One important extension which is currently missing is that of a person, which is of course central to the discourse and in academic text the most important reference point when showing the validity, history or problem of an idea, a concept or a position. 

The written word cannot be isolated from the human mind, since it is not only the human mind which can interpret 

Writing is a visual artefact of the human mind, 

Writing is to our mind as the ground is to our feet, it is a point of contact through which we 

 We perceive about 12 million bits/second (10 million from vision, 1 million from touch, and the rest scattered among the other senses). 16 bits per second is the bandwidth of consciousness. – Symbols are the Trojan horses by which we smuggle bits into our consciousness.

Norretranders, 1999