TCG and Member Drive Trust Alliance Show Secure Encrypting Drives at Oct. 16 Storage Visions Conference

TCG and Drive Trust Alliance will host a demo session at the 2017 Storage Visions Conference (SV 2017) Monday, October 16, 2017, in Milpitas, CA (

The conference will feature a panel on memory-centric computing and a session on visionary storage hardware. The conference will bring together the vendors, end users, researchers and visionaries that will meet the growing demand for digital storage for all aspects of unstructured and lightly structured data.

Drive Trust Alliance will show a USB drive appliance with up to two terabytes of backup storage that can be configured to automatically protect against ransomware and many other types of malware attacks.  This appliance provides host-centric, OS safe assurance on existing hosts against failures of other measures to detect or remediate against ransomware and other types of malware.  It is a new protection in a layered protection strategy urged by computer security experts worldwide.

TCG has developed the widely used standards and specifications for self-encrypting drives (link to (SEDs) that DTA uses and supports. Today, all solid state (flash) storage devices are encrypting and are used in PCs, tablets, phones, office equipment and embedded systems.

TCG is an association sponsor of this event. Registration is available at: TCG is offering a discount code, M-Spec2017A.

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