SaaS Identity Management

IT solutions have been moving to the cloud and as-a-Service models rapidly as of late. There are Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. There are Platform-as-a-Service solutions such as Heroku, Cloud Foundry, and IBM Blue Mix. There are also Software-as-a-Service examples such as Salesforce, Box, GitHub, and many more. However, a SaaS Identity management platform has been slow to join the as-a-Service market.

Evolution of IAM

Evolution of SaaS Identity Management

Largely, the identity and access management (IAM) space has been delivered on-prem for decades. Identity providers like OpenLDAP™ or Active Directory® have long been the leaders in the space, with on-prem solutions available since the 90s. Because of this, the idea of shifting core IT infrastructure as critical as identities to the cloud has been less than obvious. However, with nearly every other area of IT making the move, the on-prem solutions were starting to show their flaws.

The identity management space is quite broad, so non-core areas such as web application single sign-on started the shift to the cloud almost a decade ago. These solutions were the first generation of IDaaS solutions to make the leap to the cloud. Of course, they were only federating identities to web applications, and were not the core identity provider. This was a much less risky transition in the eyes of admins.

Now, though, the core identity management platform in an organization – the directory service – is starting to make the leap to the cloud. With more advanced security techniques, as well as significant innovation on connecting a single identity to virtually all IT resources, the benefits are too large to ignore. With cloud identity management, you can have increased productivity for end users and IT, more time to focus on higher value projects for IT staff, avoid lock-in with vendors, and reduce the chances of identity theft occurring. Modern organizations are recognizing these benefits, and are taking advantage of them to get ahead in their respective industries.

The Creation of SaaS Identity Management 

The creation of SaaS Identity Management

The modern day IT infrastructure is far different from when Microsoft Active Directory was created. The legacy (Read more...)

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