We are told that the secret to success in any field is preparation, a belief so well shared it is even accompanied by a renowned and expletive warning verse known as the seven Ps. It’s joyfully recited to anyone who fails to heed to such common advice by those who presumably have learned from their own mistakes.

As a result, it is not so curious that the question of GDPR preparation over the past two years has gradually changed from how to prepare to the question of whether it is too late.

All Aboard the Final GDPR Service

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been a confusing journey for some, particularly in the UK. The unfortunate overlap of the Brexit referendum and squabble has put doubt into people’s mind about its applicability. In addition, this has been paired with a general scepticism about the GDPR and what it will tangibly result in. The over exhaustive GDPR sales pitch has effectively tuned some people out of all messaging entirely.

However, with just eight months to go and the UK decidedly resolute in its path toward GDPR implementation via its own Data Protection Bill, there will be some who only now decide to board the train to GDPR compliance.

Is It Too Late?

Well, not necessarily.

It’s a tough question to answer in a general fashion. It relates strongly to a number of different factors, such as:

  • The organisation’s current adherence levels to the DPD (Data Protection Directive) 1995.
  • Its level of exposure to the GDPR.
  • Its size of organisation and customer base.
  • Its current maturity in information security.
  • How flexible the organisation is to changing some of its existing practices.

For most, the biggest prohibitor will be their ability to enact in some cases rather radical changes to (Read more...)