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Section 1: Literature Review

(a) What is Writing

The English Oxford ‘Living’ Dictionary defines writing as  “A sequence of letters, words, or symbols marked on a surface  and the new name of the dictionary, the ‘Living’ dictionary is interesting, referring to their technology referred to as Lexical Engine and Platform (LEAP), which shows that even the OED is moving into the digital age, adding tools to unleash the digital potential of text.

The act of reading is older than the act of writing, since we have been passively reading our environment for as long as we have had senses to do so with and since we have never had the memory capacity to store everything our senses interpret for us, we have always relied on our environment to ‘hold’ some of the information about it for us, while we retain only what is most pertinent for our purposes and our sense have never been able to gather and present a full and complete set of what was senses, it has always been processed. 

I write this to highlight how textual reading is not an entirely unconnected activity to the rest of our experience and also to highlight how we have come to culturally fetishise the printed word over the last half millennium with notions of drawing credibility from citing what someone else has printed through the way authoring conveys authority. 

Even very basic senses are imperfect and messy and this is why a continuous re-evaluation of the environment is crucial to build up a picture fit for purpose. 

Information is liquid and in order to escape the spin of ‘fake news’ and untruthful research, this needs to be a central understanding of information literacy and information systems design. 

All we can hope is to better map provenance and remove the naive notion of ground truth, while moving to a position of considering perspective in addition to context as a prime aspect of information. 

By Liquid I mean XXX but this does not mean that the world is simply a subject construct, quite to the contrary; the world is as it is, information is what we have to make ‘sense’ of it.