Podcast: National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)


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National Cyber Security Awareness Month – Information, events, content, blogs, and infographics

Cybersecurity in the Work Place Infographic – Every business faces cybersecurity challenges, no matter the industry or size. Take these steps to proactively protect your customers, employees and
intellectual property – and by extension your business’ reputation and success.


Larry Bianculli

Author Bio: Larry Bianculli is managing director of enterprise and commercial sales at CCSI. He has 20 plus years experience in the IT Industry helping clients optimize their IT environment while aligning with business objectives. He is a cyber security consultant and holds a CCIE and CISSP. He has a vast experience in many verticals including Financial, Public Sector, Health Care, Service Provider and Commercial accounts. He has helped customers and lead teams with a balanced approach to strategy & planning, execution, and personal principles.

Matthew Pascucci

Author Bio: Matthew Pascucci is a Security Architect, Privacy Advocate and Security Blogger. He holds multiple information security certificates and has had the opportunity to write and speak about cyber security for the past decade. He’s the founder of www.frontlinesentinel.com and can be contacted via his blog, on Twitter @matthewpascucci, or via email mpascucci@ccsinet.com

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