Managers – Linchpins or Dead Weight?

Are managers necessary? Startups rarely have the luxury of managers, let alone employees, while small to medium companies would seem to need more individual contributors than supervisors. In the larger enterprises, how many layers are necessary between the individual contributor and the CEO?

Layers and layers and layers of management makes for a tall cake, but do we need a tall cake? Are employees lost in the shuffle, burning out and moving on?

Gallup noted in 2015 how they had studied, over the course of two decades, “performance at hundreds of companies and measured the engagement of 27 million employees and more than 2.5 million work units.” And they still had not “unlocked the mystery of why performance varies from one workgroup to the next.”

What they did unlock was the fact that an engaged workforce is a more productive workforce, which is no surprise, but their statistics showed that 70% of employees are not engaged in the US, and 87% worldwide. In Gallup’s report, “State of the American Manager,” stellar managers empower their employees to succeed, holding them accountable and responsible.

Monster’s 2016 survey found that 32 percent of employees described their manager as “horrible.” That’s not good.

We’re talking here about managers with that title who actually manage a team. There seems to be a growing trend, particularly in startups, to offer the management title to new hires with no plan to put them in a management role by giving them a team. Perhaps the term “manager” is now being used as an inflated title to incentivize new hires to the chaos of the startup world?

The Association for Talent Development (ATD), in January 2017, highlighted how managers who create high-stress environments are shooting themselves in the foot. This is evidenced by the (Read more...)

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Christopher Burgess

Christopher Burgess

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