Identity Management Function Samba File Server Support

A core part of any identity management strategy is connecting users to the IT resources that they need. This role can include both physical and virtual file storage systems. A couple of common methods that we see for file storage systems are Samba file servers and NAS (network attached storage) appliances, which are based on Samba. For organizations who employ these methods, it is critical that their identity management solution includes the function of Samba file server support.

Authenticating File Servers

NAS appliances based on the Samba file server, including Synology, FreeNAS, and QNAP, among others, are more popular than ever. Significant amounts of storage can be hosted on-prem without a great deal of space or cost. A key for IT admins is being able to take that easy storage option and integrate it into the IT infrastructure – more specifically, into the identity management infrastructure.

As IT organizations expand to new methods of providing file server support for both their on-prem and cloud servers, secure authentication to Samba-based file servers becomes an important part of the identity management approach. The ideal method for authentication is to employ a single identity for each user to authenticate with. Then, enabling this core user identity across the entire IT infrastructure grants the user access to all of the files and data that they would need to access. This is both efficient and secure for IT and end users. However, this task can be a pain with Samba and NAS file storage servers.

LDAP authentication to backend the NAS appliance is a popular option and, of course, the on-prem legacy directory service Microsoft Active Directory® can be utilized as well. Alternatively, Samba can be its own domain controller to control authentication. Unfortunately, all of these options can be painful for IT admins that are looking to move to the cloud and SaaS-based services. Managing hardware, software, and the maintenance of a highly available system can be a struggle that requires a great deal of time and effort expended by IT admins.

Samba File Server Support

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