How to Stay on Top of the Best IT and Email Security News

It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month! What better reason is needed to take a quick survey of what we are reading to stay up to date with the latest developments and best content in the IT and email security news world. We asked our team what they are reading, besides our blog of course, and put it together here for you. You may be surprised at how simple and accessible some of the most advanced resources on cybersecurity news really are.

Mike (CEO):

“It’s about my Flipboard ‘Security’ feed.”

Among the most interesting that seem to regularly share the best and must up to date content –

  • Darkreading: A widely-read cyber security news and trusted online community for security professionals.
  • Arstechnica: Caters to what they call “alpha geeks”, technologists and IT professionals.
  • Bleepingcomputer: Technology news, security guides, and tutorials that help you get the most from your computer.
  • Venturebeat: “Tech news that matters.”
  • It’s tech and geek and cool.
  • Award-winning computer security expert’s blog and publishing the great Smashing Security podcast
  • It’s Wired. Often a bit “pop tech” but good writing and stories.
  • Self proclaimed to be “Empowering the People of Business and Technology”. They are.
  • Sophos Naked Security: A Branded content initiative, that does a great job providing “ward-winning computer security news”.
  • All things IT Security.

It should be worth noting, if you are following us on Twitter, a lot of the content Vircom shares can be found in this stream.

Yves (Technical Support Director):

Like many of our team, he turns to reddit sysadmin thread.

“And I’m on the NANOG mailing list. I usually hear a few days before something blows up in the media when some crazy things happen to the network.”

Deeptiman (Chief Data Scientist)

“I get a lot of my info through Slashdot and on my phone with Google Now. Google Now provides pages based on my interests and it’s a pretty good resource when it comes to IT and email security news.”

And of course Reddit.

Nadav (Sales & Partnerships Manager)

In terms of websites, CRN is the one he regularly reads.

Otherwise it’s mostly Reddit and Google.

“I do browse /r/msp and /r/sysadmin in reddit occasionally.

Some other interesting (or funny) ones are /r/talesfromtechsupport, /r/homelab, /r/pwned and /r/cableporn

He also uses Google Alerts to get News from the likes of:

Email security

Staying on top of IT and Email Security News – Is A Part of The Job.

Our work requires us to get the news before it breaks. Our twitter stream usually has the stories that we are watching, both in terms of informing our product roadmap and releasing updates. We need to stay ahead and in-step with the hackers to ensure we are protecting our customers. These readings might be interesting to you as well as an IT consultant, MSP and system admin.

Otherwise, what are you reading? Is there something you read that you think others should be following?

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