How IT Leaders Can Keep a Seat at the Table

In this era of digital disruption, business leaders are turning to technology to keep up. But, will they continue to turn to traditional IT leaders to map out the future? This is the question addressed by Mark Schwartz s new book A Seat at the Table. Mr. Schwartz engagingly analyzes the present and provides guidance for IT leaders to get and keep a seat at the table .In the beginning, we had Waterfall systems development. CIOs could take orders from business leaders, translate the orders into technology roadmaps, develop milestones and implement systems. Then the business discovered SaaS and the Shadow IT department was born. The most recent trend is Agile/DevOps, in which business collaborates directly with development and DevOps engineers are tasked with implementing code. What is the role of IT leadership when business leaders are directing systems development?Gartner has defined Mode 1 and Mode 2 activities for IT. Mode 1 is keeping the lights on and Mode 2 is managing …

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