Facebookery: VR -#x3E; PR

Facebookery in PR.jpeg

Apparently, Facebook’s CEO decided to VR the PR – admidst the Squalor left in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Listen Up: Using the Tradegy in Perto Rico to Market the Oculus Rift product is Astonishing Bad Form.

Of course, there is the Chicanery That Is Facebook – all of this was done with superimposition techniques, using an NPR video as the source material…

Notwithstandig the obious Virtual Stupidity evidenced by this stunt, VR and AR have the potential to efficiently quantify injuries and damage and to storm and other natural disaster victims and property.

ProTip: Don’t Use Other Peoples Suffering To Flog Your Products(s). It is an Immoral Act.

That is All.


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