Break into an Information Security Career

National Cyber Security Awareness Month week 4 theme is: The Internet Wants You: Consider a Career in Cybersecurity. Considering the cybersecurity skill shortage, (Frost & Sullivan and (ISC)2 found that the global cybersecurity workforce will have more than 1.5 million unfilled positions by 2020) we should be encouraging students to enter into a cybersecurity career.  However, breaking into the information security, or any industry for that matter, can be difficult, but here are some key areas that might help start your career in the field:

  • Review relevant certifications in the industry and start studying for them. Since the security field is so broad start with looking for certifications that you might have experience in, or want to learn more about, and take the exams. This shows that you’re making an effort towards breaking into the industry. Certifications don’t always mean you’re qualified to fill a role, but many times can assist when a candidate might be missing the relevant work experience.
  • Start looking for groups that you can affiliate with regarding information security. By searching for local MeetUps, InfraGard chapters, OWSAP chapters and ISACA meetings, someone looking to breach into the industry can network and learn at these events. It’s also a way to show that you’re part of the community from a resume standpoint.
  • Use LinkedIn or other social networking sites to find a mentor. There are many people who are open to helping and guiding you through questions in the field and sometimes just asking for advice can go a long way.
Matthew Pascucci

Author Bio: Matthew Pascucci is a Security Architect, Privacy Advocate, Security Blogger, and is the Cybersecurity Practice Manager at CCSI. He holds multiple information security certificates and has had the opportunity to write and speak about cybersecurity for the past decade. He’s the founder of and can be contacted via his blog, on Twitter @matthewpascucci, or via email

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