Active Directory®-as-a-Service Alternative

active directory-as-a-service alternative

There’s a new movement in the IT world to move to ‘as-a-service’ solutions. The benefits of taking an IT solution, and delivering it as a service can be powerful. That’s why so many IT management tools are taking this approach. Some on-prem solutions like Microsoft Active Directory® (AD) don’t really offer an ‘as a service’ solution, so many are looking for the Active Directory-as-a-Service alternative.

The benefits of SaaS solutions delivered ‘as-a-service’ include greater efficiency, higher reliability, better, more innovative solutions, and cost effectiveness (IDC). It’s exactly these reasons that make it so enticing for IT admins to convert their on-prem tools to the cloud.

Finding an Active Directory-as-a-Service Alternative

Microsoft Active Directory

Since the dawn of the cloud, more and more elements of IT have moved to the as-a-service model. From Software-as-a-Service (e.g. G Suite) to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (e.g. AWS), this model is increasingly the present and future of IT. But not all sectors have had a SaaS alternative. Directory services, within the identity management category, is a good example. Historically, the identity provider has been on-prem. In fact, there really has been only one solution that most organizations have leveraged – Microsoft Active Directory.

It used to make a lot of sense that AD was the identity provider of choice. Most IT networks were based on Windows and IT resources were on-prem. But as the world shifted to the cloud, major changes started to emerge. IT networks became heterogeneous, hybrid, and multi-protocol. Active Directory struggled with the cloud, and IT has found themselves turning to costly, inefficient, or insecure methods for managing their modern resources in an AD environment.

Azure AD wasn’t the Active Directory-as-a-Service Alternative

Active Directory fails in the cloud

Azure Active Directory was introduced and many IT admins thought that would be Active Directory-as-a-Service, but unfortunately, Azure AD is not a cloud AD replacement. Why not? Azure AD doesn’t offer the management over on-prem infrastructure that IT obtains with Active Directory. You can read more about how Azure AD doesn’t replace AD by reading this Spiceworks post from a Microsoft representative.

Microsoft didn’t deliver the Active Directory-as-a-Service alternative IT (Read more...)

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