On October 2-4, 2017, the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC) hosted Securing Retail 002, the second iteration of its annual summit first held in April 2016. Speakers from Microsoft, Target and other Fortune 500 companies shared their thoughts on the retail digital security landscape with attendees over the course of the two-day event.

Presented below are some of the top talks from this year’s conference along with some amazing visualizations created in real-time by graphic recording artist Kelly Kingman.

Stepping Into Leadership: Staying Ahead of Today’s Threats and the Evolving CISO Role

Speaker: Rich Agostino, senior vice president and chief information security officer for Target

In his presentation, Rich Agostino pointed out that chief information officers (CIOs) and chief technology officers (CTOs) were the only C-level executives in IT 15 years ago. Since then, they’ve been joined by the chief information security officer (CISO). Agostino then drew upon his experience of elevating Target’s digital security practices to discuss what it takes to be a CISO. He said leadership has a lot to do with it. CISOs must hire well and then learn to manage people by bringing together PR, Ops, IT, marketing, and others in an effort to manage and craft solutions. CISOs, he went on to note, should also strive to be the first to know about potential security issues and to partner with app developers who have a security resource so that they can work together to develop smartly and efficiently.

Big Threats, Small Shop: Tracking Major Campaigns with Limited Resources

Speaker: Jason Lay, threat intelligence lead at QVC

Developing an effective, efficient, and evolving cybersecurity program requires a targeted approach. A common challenge is a lack of resources, but Jason Lay (Read more...)