Why the Hype about SDWAN

Software Defined WAN (Wide Area Network) is currently a hot topic in IT conference rooms across the globe. SDWAN is not a new topic or product for that matter. So why all the hype about SDWAN?


To help understand what SDWAN is, let’s understand what an SDWAN isn’t. From the book Software-Defined WAN for Dummies published by John Wiley and Sons:


So now you have digested what SDWAN is not, let’s dig into what it is and they might explain the hype.



SD-WANs are built virtually. This allows them to utilize different physical and transport media. They can also span different providers.


Separating the control plane from the data plane makes SD-WANs more abstract and flexible. Through this separation, securing the control plane is also easier.


SD-WAN affords interoperability between circuits, devices, and services. Interoperability also eases service delivery to new branches in the enterprise.


Cost savings comes from the ability to use cost-effective vendor-neutral network and system devices to build the SD-WAN. Every organization wants to save money!


SD-WAN allows for consolidation of monitoring systems to gain insight into usage and performance of your company’s WAN.


Another factor that is behind all the hype is the fact that SD-WAN supports open networking and interoperability. Check out ONF and ONUG the two groups that support open SDNs (Software Defined Networks)


SD-WAN is MSP (Managed Service Provider)-ready. That makes migrating to the cloud and offloading your workload to a MSP that much easier.


Software Defined WAN helps improve business agility as with any software-defined solution. Through automation and reliance on cloud IT efficiency is bolstered. With the prior too benefits overall cost reduction is easily achieved. I hope that this explains briefly, why there is so much hype about SD-WAN.

John Busso

Author Bio: John Busso is a Senior Network Engineer/Mobility Specialist at CCSI. He has almost 20 years experience providing secure voice and data solutions. John has been a Subject Matter Expert for Enterprise Mobile Solutions such as Guest WiFi and BYOD, providing vision for diverse clients.

John has been an Adjunct Professor and trainer. He holds numerous Industry certifications, including CISSP CWNP, CCNP, ACMP and ITIL. His experience includes working with retail, TNL-Couriers, DC’s and Airports, Healthcare, Education, DOD, Local Government, Financial, Non-Profit-Public WiFi, Entertainment and Hospitality industries. His expertise is in mobility, security, WLAN, WAN, LAN, VoWiFi, RFID, RTLS, WIPS, WIDS, DAS, licensed/unlicensed PTP and PTMP networks. Connect with John on Twitter via @JohnBusso.

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