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Via the United States Naval Sea Systems Command OCC comes the astonishing story of Associate Director Sarkis Tatigian of the Department of the Navy Small Business Program Office. Associate Director Tatigian just received an award from NAVSEA and a tribute from the United States Congress for 75 years of faithful service to the United States Navy (both as a civilian and in uniform).

Associate Director Tatigian is currently 94 years of age. He has no plans for retirement.
A Veteran of WWII, a member of the Greatest Generation and a National Treasure, if there ever was one.


From the Congressional Record (CCREC-2017-09-12-pt1-PgS5213-3)and the words of United States Senator John McCain:


Mr. MCCAIN. Mr. President, I come to the floor today to ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing Mr. Sarkis Tatigian, who will achieve the extraor- dinary milestone of 75 years of com- bined military and civilian service to the United States on September 26, 2017. Eligible for retirement since 1973, Mr. Tatigian has continued to honor America through his faithful service. Currently the associate director of the Small Business Programs Office at Naval Sea Systems Command, NAVSEA, Mr. Tatigian is a champion for our Navy, our small business com- munity, and our country.
Mr. Tatigian began his civilian ca- reer with the Navy in July 1942 as a junior radio inspector at the naval air- craft factory in the Philadelphia Navy Yard and the Navy Office of Inspector of Naval Aircraft in Linden, NJ. He left his position as an inspector in March 1943 and entered the uniformed Navy as an Active-Duty sailor in April 1943. In June 1944, as an aviation electronics technician’s mate, he aided in the de- velopment of the Navy’s first guided antiship munition, the ASM-N–2 ‘‘BAT’’ glide bomb, which later became an operational weapon in January 1945.
In 1943, Mr. Tatigian began his Fed- eral civil service with NAVSEA, where he still works today. Throughout his long career, he has received numerous awards, including the Navy’s Superior Civilian Service Award in 2007. In rec- ognition of his exceptional accomplish- ments in service, the Navy has even named an award after him, the Sarkis Tatigian Small Business Award, which recognizes outstanding performance through organizational culture and command climate.
At 95 years young, Mr. Tatigian’s dedication and resolve are inspira- tional. We can all learn a great deal about service to country and the Amer- ican spirit from his great example. On behalf of a grateful nation, thank you, Mr. Sarkis Tatigian, for all you have done for our people, our government, and our Navy.


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