Mozilla Foundation To Begin Collecting User Browsing Data

fox call.JPG

via gHacks author Martin Brinkmann, comes the astonishing tale of deeply flawed user data management at Mozilla Foundation. Along with the FoundationFirefox browser Resource and Web Extension data leakage woes, now comes a highly user antagnositic decision to commence collecting user browsing data in an opt-out decision tree. Truly this weeks evidence that Blatant Stupidity still exists in the browser world.

“Mozilla’s Georg Fritzsche published information on the plan to collect additional data yesterday on the Mozilla Governance group.
In it, he describes the issue that Mozilla engineers face currently. While Firefox may collect the data when users opt-in, Mozilla believes that the data is biased and that only data collecting with opt-out would provide unbiased data that the engineers can work with.
Questions that this data may help answer include “which top sites are users visiting”, “which sites using Flash does a user encounter”, and “which sites does a user see heavy Jank on” according to Fritzsche.” excerpt via Martin Brinkmann writing at gHacks

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