Making Sure Tomorrow is Better Than Today

The following is taken from a recent address given by Cylance Chief Security and Trust Officer Malcolm Harkins to the United States Senate. We believe it’s important enough to share with the public and start a dialogue so that we can band together to find the solutions we so clearly need in order to secure our vastly-changing future. 

Part 1 of this series can be found here. You can also read Part 2, and Part 3.

The Perils and the Promise of Emerging Technologies for Cybersecurity

I read an article by Forbes leadership advisor and author Mike Myatt just a few weeks ago. I was reminded of something I was told a long time ago: “If there is a conversation you have been avoiding, that’s the one to have.”

I think there is a broader conversation that we as a security industry, as well as a tech industry, have avoided, and in some cases have intentionally distracted others away from having.

In reality, there are two discussions – one for the creators/users of technology, and one for the security industry. Both share a common conclusion that results in harm to others. Beyond that, both problems have a path forward that can address these failings.

What Every CEO Should Know

Myatt wrote a great piece last month titled Digital Transformation or Digital Free Fall: What Every CEO Must Know’. In the article, he astutely explains:

“Innovation has always been synonymous with business survival and that hasn’t changed. What has changed is the pace and scale at which businesses must innovate to remain competitive in a digital world. The speed of technology advances in the market are making the old paradigm of first mover versus fast follower largely irrelevant – every business must now become some version of (Read more...)

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