Eliminating Microsoft from your IT Environment is Possible

Eliminating Microsoft® from your IT Environment is Possible

The modern office isn’t 100% Microsoft anymore. Not even close. The modern office is a space where Mac and Linux systems abound and employees have millions of apps waiting within their internet browser. Furthermore, today’s IT departments are taking advantage of cloud infrastructure and freeing up space that used to be occupied by on-prem servers.

Whether you are heavily integrated with Microsoft or just have a few machines running Windows, you are probably well aware of the challenges that come with adapting your Microsoft environment to the modern office. These changes are here to stay. In fact, over the next year it is expected that IT budgets will be 80% committed to cloud solutions. With Microsoft’s difficulties in keeping up with modern times, it’s time to start thinking about how to eliminate Microsoft from your environment. Eliminating Microsoft isn’t just possible; it’s not as hard as you might think.

Our five-part Eliminating Microsoft series walks you through on how to eliminate pieces of Microsoft technology in your environment. You can start reading the series by following the links below:

The rest of this post will provide a brief summary for each part in the series, so that you can have a better understanding of which posts can assist you in eliminating Microsoft from your environment.


Intro to Eliminating Microsoft

The five core pieces of Microsoft technology that have been dominating IT environments are Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Server, and Active Directory. Getting rid of any one of these components can be difficult due to their integration. The components work together to give IT a manageable (if limited to one platform) environment. If you’re weighing your options, then this is a good post to start with. Read the introduction to the series to learn why IT organizations are getting rid of Microsoft technology, and how doing so is helping them advance their infrastructure to the cloud, utilize web-based (Read more...)

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