Bot, The Lip Reader

HAL Reading Lips.jpg

Holy Mackerel, what next? Traversing the ubiquitous Drive-Thru with the kids in tow whilst a bot gazes upon your lips and commences cogitating upon same – when ordering the biter in back the McNugget of choise – no sauce, please? Luckily, the sturm und drang of the sign-mounted intercom will likely remain, thus facilitating the notion of participation in a silicon conversation… via ZDNet’s Robin Harris comes Today’s Must Read.

In the paper Lip Reading Sentences in the Wild, researchers Joon Son Chung, of Oxford University, Andrew Senior, Oriol Vinyals, and Andrew Zisserman, of Google, tested an algorithm that bested professional human lip readers. Soon, surveillance videos may not only show your actions, but the content of your speech. – via ZDNet’s Robin Harris


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