Average RHCE Salary In The US [2017]

Work For Any Type Of Company And Earn An Average of $98,453 With An RHCE

Whether you want to work for a defense contractor, a government agency, a university or world-renowned technology company, you can with your Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification and make a comfortable living doing so.

Employers With Reported Averages Over $100,000 Include:

  • Intel Corporation – $106,000
  • Department of Agriculture – $100,000
  • Yahoo! Inc. – $157,460
  • GrubHub – $115,000
  • Google Inc. – $106,500
  • Cerner Corporation – $120,000
  • Verizon Wireless – $111,000
  • Dell, Inc. – $104,300
  • Election Systems and Software – $124,000
  • Raytheon Co. – $107,896

Average RHCE Salary – Based On Location

Just as widely varied as the employers hiring RHCEs, so are the locations where you can find work. The highest paying salaries are spread throughout the US and include states such as:

  • California – $110,599
  • Virginia – $104,762
  • New York – $94,165
  • Texas – $92,429
  • North Carolina – $86,916
  • Florida – $80,457
  • Michigan – $79,961

The top cities are all major metropolitan areas but are spread throughout all areas of the country.

Average RHCE Salary – Based On Years Of Experience

RHCE is an advanced-level certification, as such most holders have a number of years experience. This is reinforced by the fact that those individuals reporting salaries around the $100,000 average are stating they have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the industry. This certification exam is made up entirely of hands-on labs which require working knowledge of Red Hat technologies. This understanding is usually only developed after spending several years working in this capacity. Additionally, Red Hat recommends the following experience prior to sitting for the exam:

  • Completed Red Hat System Administration I (RH124), II (RH134), and III (RH254)
  • Hold experience and skills required by RHCT/RHCSA certified professionals

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