Army Research Laboratory: New Models Predict Number of Cyberintrusions


New – heretofore unreleased – statistical model can predict numbers of so-called cyber-intrusions in the Enterprise (whether that Enterprise be Military, Government or Business – apparently). By United States Army Research Laboratory research scientists Lawrence P. Knachel, Alexander Kott, Nandi O. Leslie and Richard E. Harang, the paper is slated for publication in a special release within the Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation during claendar year 2018. A pre-release copy can be garnered via Sagepub Journals.
Key quote (and pertinent to information security modelers:

“Several of the predictor variables that were recommended to the researchers by subject matter experts turned out to be lacking in influence or even misleading. For example, SMEs felt that the extent to which an organization is visible on the Internet, as measured for example by the number of records found related to that organization on the popular Google Scholar, would be a significant predictor of intrusion frequency. However, it turned out that such visibility alone is not a useful predictor of successful intrusions,” Leslie said.” – via ARL


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