AI is Revolutionizing How We Combat Cyberthreats

O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference | September 17-20, San Francisco

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand current cyberthreats and how they have adapted to avoid detection
  • Learn how machine learning (ML) is revolutionizing malware detection and incident response
  • Hear insight from the trenches on how to address these threats and improve your organization’s security posture

The current threat landscape is in a state of evolution that poses a significant risk to organizations’ assets, reputations, and identities. Nation states and cybercriminals are poised to take advantage of organizations’ weaknesses to carry out their malicious objectives, as demonstrated by the recent surge in ransomware.

Aaron Goldstein, Cylance’s practice Director for incident response and forensics, explores new and existing threat vectors such as ransomware and nation state attacks (and why traditional defenses fail to address them) and explains how leveraging techniques that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) can improve the speed and efficiency of incident response tactics, even when combating the toughest threat actors.

Aaron discusses his team’s unique approach to incident response, which has proven effective in hundreds of organizations across all verticals—particularly with regards to the OPM breach, in which his team played a pivotal role. Aaron also covers how enhanced processes and tools allow organizations to take their security program to the next level by employing a preventative methodology. Don’t miss it!


The AI Conference, San Francisco
11:05am–11:45am Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Impact on Business and Society
Location: Yosemite A Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics: SecurityTechnical best practices

About Aaron Goldstein

Aaron Goldstein is the practice Director for incident response and forensics at Cylance, where he leverages his unique experience in complex, large-scale breaches to provide strategic solutions to secure environments of all sizes. Aaron has over 9 years’ experience in incident response and digital forensics investigations, during which he has (Read more...)

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