Employees concerned about company's cybersecurity


Employees are a first-line defense against threats such as zero-day attacks and breaches. It is critical that they are made aware of basic methods that will maintain the company’s digital integrity. Whether your organization is large or small, training your employees can go a long way towards keep your IT infrastructure secure. Here are 5 ways that you can educate your employees about IT security:

1. Instruct employees about phishing scams

A phishing scam often takes the form of an email.  Cybercriminals can do a world of damage after obtaining organizational information or by installing software on a computer.

Phishers appear as legitimate and credible people from a particular organization. Emails will often appear to be from a known source. According to Travelers, which offers cyber liability insurance, employees should be trained to scrutinize e-mails to determine whether they are legitimate. Valid e-mail: