A zero-day attack leaves your software vulnerable to be exploited by hackers. It is a serious security risk. Cybercriminals are becoming more and more adept in breaching IT security systems.

The black market continues to grow with the increased selling of exploits and vulnerabilities. A zero-day attack can be sold for thousands and in some cases allow an infiltrator up to 12 months of undetected access, according to CSO Online. This is primarily due to zero-day attacks being completely unknown by the affected software until it has compromised the software.

You’ve more than likely heard in the news about the Microsoft bug that, although a patch was developed for, many devices remained vulnerable. The malware, given the name “Adylkuzz” had been spreading for weeks before it was detected. Detecting invisible malware, such as Adylkuzz, is imperative to protecting your critical system files.

Malware, such as Adylkuzz or WannaCry, can (Read more...)