Security Products: Separating the Wheat From the Chaff

At this year’s RSA, there were more than 600 security vendors pitching their wares to attendees from around the world. At Black Hat in Las Vegas, the security vendor community once again congregated to share tips and tricks as well as highlight their newest security products.

For the decision makers – the people in charge of ensuring their IT environments are safe and secure – selecting products from this sea of vendors is a daunting task.

To better understand how these decision makers approach selecting IT security products, Cylance engaged Carbonview Research, a market research agency, to survey over 200 IT security decision makers across a variety of industries and company sizes about what they look for in a cybersecurity solution.

The Buying Criteria portion of the survey focused on the following topics:

  • Traditional antivirus (AV) vs. next-generation
  • Prevention vs. detection priority
  • Top buying criteria for security solutions in the coming year

The survey participants all work for organizations that must maintain security over a diverse network that supports a large staff. Even though many have signed two-year contracts with their current security vendors, they are constantly evaluating the latest products on the market to identify new technology that could improve their overall security posture.

While by and large the respondents agreed that 100% prevention of all threats is not possible, they do consistently evaluate ways to gain even incremental improvements by adopting new security tools.

We invite you to access the complete survey results here, but in the meantime, here are a few highlights:

Next-Gen Endpoint Security and EDR are Priorities

Given the evolving threat landscape that continually introduces new attack types, we wanted to understand the participants’ plans for future investments in endpoint detection and response (EDR). Only 5% of respondents had plans to refresh their existing AV (Read more...)

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