My Summer Defending the Digital Universe

In RSA’s quest to build out a deeper pool of future Defenders of the Digital Universe I had the pleasure of having Meghan O’Connor as a summer intern on my team.   During her exit interview I asked her what she didn’t realize about cybersecurity and fraud prevention prior to her internship and what advice she would now give.

Didn’t realize…

  • How common phishing attacks are, especially to gain access to the wider university network using stolen student credentials.
  • Universities are targeted by cybercriminals because of all the rich personal data they have on students – think of all the information you gave during enrollment: SSN, Medical, transcripts, insurance info, etc.
  • How lazy people can be with regard to cybersecurity. I’m definitely less annoyed now when I have to take extra steps to verify my identity and protect my information.
  • Extent of cybercriminal networks once your information is stolen by one person, it can be traded over and over again.

I thought…

  • Biometrics were a “shortcut” and were less secure than passwords, which in hindsight makes no sense, because my fingerprint and eye print are always with me.
  • I’ll never be a victim of identity theft. No one would want to steal my information because there’s not that much money in my bank account and I don’t have access to any desirable information.
  • Getting prompted to change my password after a certain amount of time or after a suspicious login was annoying.

Things you should know …

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