Introducing new Team Member, Part 2

This is part two (and the final one) on my mini-series of introducing new team members. Today I am glad to announce that Pascal Withopf will take part in rsyslog development. Well, actually, Pascal already has done quite a bit of work, but he is now ready for reaching out to larger topics. He has just started to work on TLS improvements for rsyslog.

Pascal is undergoing a three-year state-approved formal education program at Adiscon. This is a very special German thing, somewhat comparable to an US associate’s degree. The education involves both theoretical and practical lessons and work, with an emphasis on knowledge usable to solve actual practical problems. The resulting degree is called “Computer Science Expert, Subject Area: Software Development“. The good news is that as part of this education Pascal has large time slots where he can work on actual projects. While he will not be able to dedicate all of this time to rsyslog, we expect that he will be able to make notable contributions for at least the next year to come. Pascal already has achieved one year inside the program, so he already has solid software development knowledge to start to become really productive.

So once again, please welcome Pascal (and Jan) and help both with the good comments, testing and other things that help them to make rsyslog even better!

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